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I am very glad to see You on my first site, dedicated Computer Games


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Keywords: Russia, Game, Quest, Adventure, On-Line, Lottery.


Biographical data:
I, Ivan Vladimirovitch Alexandrov, was given birth in the village of Ramenskoye Moscow area 31 July 1963.
Graduated Moscow Secondary school №52 , Class 92(1) in 1980.
Graduated MPhTI (Moscow hollerred Labor Red banner a Physicist-Technical institute, Dolgoprudny), PhMAM (Phaculty of Management and Applied Mathematicians), group 072(1) in 1986 on profession "Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics".
Married with 10 december 1992 on Marie Pavlovna Maximova, children while no. Just Divorced 01 October 2005 My Father is VLADIMIR VALENTSINOVITCH ALEKSANDROFF.


Ideology in Poems

EVERY 'sytsky' in InterNet is Alexandrov Ivan At 99.9999% At ALL !!!

My Best Player and It's Russification

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